Treat loved ones (or yourself, we won’t tell) to a gift that unleashes breathtaking audio experiences all year long. From high-fidelity wireless speakers and beefy smart integrated amplifiers to 5.1 home theater systems, earth-shaking subwoofers, high-performance cables and acclaimed tower speakers, SVS has something for all budgets and every audio fan to get excited about.

So Long, Silent Night.

Shop SVS Gift Ideas and Unleash Sonic Cheer All Year Round.


New! Prime Wireless Speaker System

The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System combines immersive, reference quality sound with smart speaker control and future facing connectivity. Equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to control from your smartphone or any mobile device, it offers true stereo separation, a massively powerful internal amplifier, a high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit DAC and a precisely tuned digital crossover for sound quality that’s miles ahead of any other smart wireless speaker available.

New! Prime Wireless SoundBase

Prime Wireless SoundBase is a dual-threat audio component that brings high-resolution wireless audio streaming, advanced connectivity and smart control to conventional speakers or, using its line level output, creates a smart wireless music zone with your AV receiver or two-channel stereo system. Simply connect conventional speakers and they are transformed with high-resolution wireless audio streaming, powerful amplification from the 300 watt amplifier, smart speaker control from your smartphone or mobile device and future-facing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Best of all, its audiophile-grade technology drives any speakers to perform to their full potential.


NEW! 3000 Series Subwoofers - Reference Subwoofer Performance Hits New Lows.

Breathtaking output and extreme low frequency extension with accuracy and control, the 3000 Series combine the most sophisticated SVS subwoofer technology with trailblazing innovations to set a new standard for subwoofer performance value.

Mega Versatile Home Theater Speaker

The Prime Elevation is the perfect solution for those who are expanding into the realm of immersive overhead height effects and want the best speaker for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® or Auro:3D®. A patent-pending Multi-Angle Wall Bracket makes it easy to mount on a wall or ceiling so the Prime Elevation can also be used as an LCR, side surround, rear surround or any other home theater speaker to solve nearly any placement issue.


Bringing the Boom as the Best Subwoofers Under AED 3,000

Unmatched low frequency extension and power with revealing detail and articulation for less than a grand. With technology normally reserved for subwoofers costing many times more, the sealed box SB-2000 and ported box PB-2000 subwoofers defy all expectations and have emerged as the top-selling SVS models and best subwoofers of 2018 based on performance for the price!


Audiophile Sound Quality in Any Room

SVS Bookshelf Speakers bring every nuance and detail of music, movies and TV to life and offer the added flexibility of placement on bookshelves, desktops, speaker stands or other furniture. Incredible low-frequency extension, an expansive soundstage, pinpoint accuracy and stunning dynamics, the SVS Prime and Ultra bookshelf monitors are the best bookshelf speakers of 2018 under $500 and $1,000 respectively.


Immersive Surround Sound for the Price of a Soundbar

Five compact yet massive sounding Prime Satellite Speakers combine with a startlingly powerful SB-1000 Subwoofer in décor-friendly 5.1 home theater surround sound system that punches way above its weight class and brings immersive audio experiences to any small to medium sized room. The best gift idea for an apartment home theater transformation.


SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories - Affordable Gift Ideas for Audiophiles

SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories bridge the gap between over-priced “snake oil” and cheaply made, point A to point B accessories that sacrifice sound quality.

SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System


SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter Kit


Audiophile Tower Speakers for Discriminating Audio Fans

The Prime Tower speakers are the top rated and reviewed loudspeakers under $1,000 a pair and set the benchmark for reference sound quality at the price with pinpoint accuracy, flawless tonal balance and excellent low frequency extension. An amazing gift idea for home theater fans, the Prime Tower speakers easily outperform floorstanding speakers costing more than double the price.


The Ultimate Bass Experience, SVS 16-Ultra Subwoofers

Named top subwoofers in the world by nearly every audio publication and industry group, the SVS 16-Ultra Subwoofers are a tour-de-force of audio engineering with game-changing innovations resulting in the most extreme bass experience ever. Music and home theater fans will shake with delight at the site of a 16-Ultra Subwoofer this holiday season.


The Ultimate Home Theater Surround Sound Experience

A great audio gift idea for someone who’s been on the nice list all year, the Ultra Tower 5.0 speaker package delivers a deeply immersive and impactful surround sound experience that puts the local movie theater and concert venues to shame. For a loved one who deserves the best, the Ultra Series Speakers deliver a memorable experience with every listen.


Go Dual to Enhance Subwoofer Performance and Savings

Considering a double subwoofer assault to eliminate nulls, smooth out the frequency response in a larger listening area and to unleash effortless, room energizing bass? Go Dual with our 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 16-Ultra Series subwoofers to maximize low frequency performance in any set-up and save while doing it.


Take the Easy Route, Give an SVS Gift Card

SVS gift cards are available in any denomination and ship the same day you order them. Take the pressure off yourself with a gift that provides the ultimate freedom of choice, an SVS Gift Card.

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