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Our Sound Experts are available from 10AM-7.30PM, Saturday-Thursday.

A unique benefit of owning an SVS product is the Sound Experts support that comes with it. It’s like having a professional audio and home theater specialist on call to help with any set-up, troubleshooting, and calibration needs for every component in your home theater or audio system, not just SVS and not just speakers and subwoofers, all for the life of your SVS gear!

Our Sound Experts also deliver on the many promises we make to you in the SVS Customer Bill of Rights and work tirelessly to ensure a smooth process when you’re setting up returns, trading-up to something better or working through any order or technical issues.

There’s no AV question too small and no home theater issue too big for our SVS Middle East team to handle. If you need help or advice on any of the topics below, or something else, we’re standing by to assist.

-Choosing the perfect speakers or subwoofer for your room and system

-Optimal audio settings for Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc
– Best placement for subwoofers and speakers in your room
-Proper subwoofer settings for your room, system and speakers
-Selecting the proper cables and terminations for a pristine connection
-Something doesn’t sound right, how do I fix it?
-I want to know more about the 45-day in-home audition
-I have a question about shipping or my order in general

SVS Order Info and Policies


Beyond the promise of exceptional products, SVS Middle East recognizes the need to ensure an all-around enjoyable purchasing experience. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal! Place your order today and immerse yourself in the SVS experience.

Shipping Policies

SVS  Middle East Will always aim to dispatch your order within 48 hours pending upon product availability and credit verification, we make it our business to ensure a timely delivery of your order.. Shipping time depends on your location relative to our distribution facility.

When your order ships, we will email you a tracking number which will allow you to determine when your SVS product will be delivered. For shipping via FedEx, requires a signature upon delivery, unless otherwise specified. For products shipped via freight, our carrier will contact the customer to schedule delivery, and the customer must be present to receive the shipment.

If the outer packaging is obviously badly damaged, the customer may reject the shipment, and it will be returned to SVS for replacement. If hidden damage is encountered after opening the product, please document the damage with photos and immediately contact SVS to arrange for a return and replacement. If SVS is not contacted immediately after hidden shipping damage is encountered, we will not be responsible for replacing the product.

Dubai Audio provides at its cost:

– Standard exchange («standard exchange» means replacement of a part or a defective product by a similar new one or reworked »), or the repair of the product if possible;
– Or the supply in standard exchange of a Parrot product from a range offering similar functionalities, this however will be mutually agreed if applicable on application and is not a given norm;
– Individual or collective packaging in order to avoid any damage during the transport. Packaging used for returns are not necessarily identical to those of new products and not aimed at resale in shops.
– The average time for handling a warranty case – with no litigation – is 3 weeks from the date of reception and the date of dispatch of the products returned or repaired.


Exclusion of Warranty

-Any damage caused by improper use or misuse, bad handling of the product, defects due to damage caused by an accidental collision or fall, a defective installation, a modification of the product without prior consent, moisture, inadequate temperature, oxidation, infiltration of liquid, dust, sand, brokerage, fall, use of inadequate voltage,
-Defects if spare parts have been installed without following the recommendations and instructions provided in user guide or if the product has been customized by the end-user.
-Defects caused by repairs carried out by the end-user or an unauthorized third party, excepted the use of spare parts supplied by Dubai Audio.
-Defects due to the use of spare parts not supplied in the original packaging,
-Defects caused by any reason other than a defect in material or workmanship.
-The gradual power loss of rechargeable batteries over time (if applies), which does not constitute as a defect in material or workmanship,
-Defective operation of a product due to another product.
-Any use of spare parts and/or software not approved by the manufacturer.
-Any collateral damages due or linked to a defective operation of the product, warranty applying only to the product itself.
-Products returned with missing parts or partially repaired or where the serial number has been removed,
-Replacement of parts due to normal wear.
-Software and their update (see « Software updating»),
-modification of a product in order to comply to regulation or to technical and safety specification of a country or any specification modified since the delivery of the product; any damage resulting of the non compliance of the product to local specification or regulation applicable in a country  different as the one in force  in the country of purchase.
-Product returned in inadequate packaging causing and damaged during the transportation to the logistic center.
-Any event of force majeure beyond the control of Dubai Audio.
-Any installation or service element associated with the removal or reinstallation of any product.
-Aux cable, usb cable or any additional audio accessories supplied within the headphone package.

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Ask an SVS Sound Expert

Have a question or need assistance placing your order? The SVS Sound Experts are standing by to help. Just call +971-04343-1441 from Sat.-Thur. 10AM-7:30PM.

You can also email us your question by filling out the form below.



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