Breaking Sound Barriers.

Thrilling Loudspeaker Experiences. Unmatched Performance for the Price.

SVS home theater systems suspend disbelief by immersing you in powerful and convincing sound. Pitch-perfect voicing, jaw-dropping bass and dynamics, flawless detail resolution and impeccable build quality; SVS brings you so close to the movies, music and TV you love, you can feel it. Best of all, you save by choosing SVS systems versus buying products individually.

When building an SVS speaker system, you can pick from pre-selected options or build your own While shopping with us (and save while doing it!). All SVS Prime and Ultra Series speakers are timbre-matched so you can seamlessly blend speakers from the two Series with any SVS subwoofer to create a customized 5.1, 11.2, 7.2.4 or other home theater surround sound system.

Our SVS Sound Experts even offer free consultations to make sure you get the best speaker system possible for your room and listening preferences.


Ultra Series Speakers

Every design aspect of the SVS Ultra Series Speakers was scrutinized to achieve cost-no-object sound quality. Delivering a wide, detailed soundstage with incredible resolution, absolute transparency, and amazingly rich and articulated bass, the Ultra Series speakers stand toe-to-toe with the finest loudspeakers in the world.




Reference bookshelf speakers with jaw-dropping dynamics and imaging, unveiled highs and deep low frequency extension. The Ultra Bookshelf unreservedly stakes a claim as the best bookshelf speakers under AED1,000.

SVS lifestyle-ultra-center Speaker



Reference three-way Ultra Center speaker delivers airy, unveiled highs with pristine clarity for unerring realism and dialogue intelligibility. Its specially designed for outstanding dispersion characteristics and accurate frequency response throughout a room.

SVS lifestyle-ultra-surround



Dual isolated tweeter and woofer crossovers in the high-performance Ultra Surround speaker allow for bipole, dipole, or innovative SVS Duet Mode, which creates two speakers in a single cabinet. Go from 5.1 to 7.1 and beyond without adding more speakers.


The Perfect Fusion of Technology and Passion.

When designing high performance loudspeakers, even the smallest details have acoustic consequences. Our engineers scrutinize every build material, cabinet angle, engineering process and measurement to achieve a level of audio excellence that is unmistakably SVS.

In this two-part “Understanding Speakers” video series, SVS President Gary Yacoubian explores how an idea becomes an SVS speaker in Part One and offers tips for choosing your perfect speaker in Part Two.

SVS Speaker Design Philosophy


From the first cabinet sketch to the final voicing, every SVS speaker undergoes a painstaking design and engineering process to ensure flawless performance and unmatched build and component quality. Every design element has a sonic purpose.


Hundreds of hours are spent measuring and listening critically to each speaker in acoustic test chambers, calibrated listening rooms and real world environments. This process captures all the nuances of different content and listening environments to achieve a perfectly balanced speaker.

SVS Speaker cat 3

Only the finest materials and fabrication techniques are used for cabinets, tweeters, drivers, and crossovers. It only becomes an SVS speaker when all the pieces meld to set a new benchmark audio performance value.


A blend of smooth, highly-detailed sound enhanced by lively, impactful dynamics, a wide soundstage and effortless power across the frequency spectrum elevate SVS loudspeakers to unmatched levels of performance.

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