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Breaking Sound Barriers.

Thrilling Loudspeaker Experiences. Unmatched Performance for the Price.

SVS speakers balance audiophile refinement and accuracy with stunning, high-impact home theater dynamics to reveal the full depth, detail and emotion of music, movies, TV shows and all audio content. Our speaker design process involves sophisticated prototyping, extensive anechoic and real-world testing and the use of premium driver, crossover and cabinet materials. The result, loudspeakers that deliver jaw-droppingly immersive audio experiences and unmatched performance for the price. SVS makes a variety of speakers to fit every room, audio system and budget.

Prime Series Speakers

Prime Wireless is the perfect fusion of intelligent controls, trailblazing features, future-facing WiFi, Bluetooth and line level connectivity and most importantly, immersive, reference quality sound. All the benefits of a wireless powered smart speakers with uncompromising acoustic design and performance. Finally, wireless audio that truly rocks.

SVS pinnacle tower speaker



Smooth, crisp and refined sound without sacrificing effortless bass and jaw-dropping impact. Prime Pinnacle speakers render the finest musical details with breathtaking clarity and deliver massive cinematic dynamics to bring thrilling and immersive sound within everyone’s reach.

SVS lifestyle-prime-tower Speaker



Exceptional clarity, flawless tonal balance and room-energizing bass response, the Prime Tower speakers set the benchmark as best floorstanding speakers under AED 3,000 with stunning performances in a two-channel audiophile or surround sound home theater systems.

SVS lifestyle-prime-bookshelf Speaker



Class-defining full range bookshelf speaker delivers amazing sound quality and stunning dynamics normally reserved for speakers costing much more. Perfect as mains, surrounds or other speakers in a two-channel audiophile or home theater surround sound system.

SVS prime-elevation Speaker



An uncompromised, high fidelity height channel speaker for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro-3D, its incredible versatility and easy installation on walls or ceilings also lets it serve as a multi-purpose home theater speaker to solve virtually any room placement issue.

SVS lifestyle-prime-satellite



Amazingly big sound from the most compact speaker in the SVS line. The Prime Satellite defies expectations with powerful dynamism and pinpoint accuracy as a front, surround, center or height channel speaker.

SVS lifestyle-prime-center



True 3-way center channel speaker, the Prime Center delivers crystal clear and natural sounding dialogue and vocals with an expansive soundstage and excellent dispersion for a convincing surround sound home theater experience.

SVS prime-wireless-speaker



The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker combines immersive, reference quality sound with smart speaker control and future facing connectivity. Equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to control from your smartphone or any mobile device, it offers true stereo separation, a massively powerful internal amplifier, a high-resolution 192KHz/24-bit DAC and a precisely tuned digital crossover for sound quality that’s miles ahead of any other smart wireless speaker available.


The Perfect Fusion of Technology and Passion.

When designing high performance loudspeakers, even the smallest details have acoustic consequences. Our engineers scrutinize every build material, cabinet angle, engineering process and measurement to achieve a level of audio excellence that is unmistakably SVS.

In this two-part “Understanding Speakers” video series, SVS President Gary Yacoubian explores how an idea becomes an SVS speaker in Part One and offers tips for choosing your perfect speaker in Part Two.

SVS Speaker Design Philosophy


From the first cabinet sketch to the final voicing, every SVS speaker undergoes a painstaking design and engineering process to ensure flawless performance and unmatched build and component quality. Every design element has a sonic purpose.


Hundreds of hours are spent measuring and listening critically to each speaker in acoustic test chambers, calibrated listening rooms and real world environments. This process captures all the nuances of different content and listening environments to achieve a perfectly balanced speaker.

SVS Speaker cat 3

Only the finest materials and fabrication techniques are used for cabinets, tweeters, drivers, and crossovers. It only becomes an SVS speaker when all the pieces meld to set a new benchmark audio performance value.


A blend of smooth, highly-detailed sound enhanced by lively, impactful dynamics, a wide soundstage and effortless power across the frequency spectrum elevate SVS loudspeakers to unmatched levels of performance.

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